Journey's End Photography | Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier is a valley glacier 27 miles long by four wide. It is one of the longest glaciers accessible by car in the United States. It's terminus is the source of the Matanuska River. Located near the Glenn Highway about 100 miles northeast of Anchorage, Alaska. The glacier is "active" and expands around one foot per day.

For several days in late June 2010 I photographed this beautiful moving glacier. With crampons on my feet I scrambled further and deeper up the glacier exploring the shapes of naturally sculptured ice, colors, and textures.

Some people ask me why is the ice so blue? When snow falls on a glacier, through time it is compressed, and becomes part of the glacier that winds its way downward by gravity. Air bubbles that are trapped in the ice are squeezed out and the size of the ice crystals increase, making it clear. Glacial ice appears blue because compacted ice absorbs most wavelengths of light and reflects blue light. The deepest blue ice is found in crevasses, towers, and chunks of ice that have calved. And on cloudy days like these the color appears the richest.
Matanuska Glacier_Matanuska Glacier_6057-zenMatanuska Glacier_Sweet Peas_5802-zenMatanuska Glacier_Glacial Lake_5809-zenMatanuska Glacier_Lake and Mountain_MG_5814-zen copyMatanuska Glacier_Floating Ice_MG_6046-zenMatanuska Seracs_5868-zenMatanuska Glacier_Glacial Art_6045-zenMatanuska Glacier_Glacier Ice_5804-zenMatanuska Glacier_Ice Layers_5891 copyMatanuska Glacier_Ice Layers_5856-zenMatanuska Glacier_Ice Blocks_5969-zenMatanuska Glacier_Sculptured Ice_5828-zenMatanuska Glacier_Ice Sphinx_5966-zenMatanuska Glacier_Ice Finger_5830-zenMatanuska Glacier_Ribbons Of Blue_5998-zenMatanuska Glacier_Finger 2_5992-zenMatanuska Glacier_Ice Drip_5843-zenMatanuska Glacier_Drip_6017-zenMatanuska Glacier_Melt pond_5876-zenMatanuska Glacier_Crevasse Pond_5884-zen