Journey's End Photography | Alpine Ridge Trail - Alaska

The Alpine Ridge Trail is a rewarding long day hike within the Kachemak Bay State Park, Alaska. The trail follows a ridge through spruce and alder then a plateau with spectacular views of the Grewingk Glacier and Lake, surrounding mountains, Kachemak Bay and Homer. The trail continues cross-country through bogs and bushy tundra to the upper elevations of the Ridge Plateau. Each time I hiked it there were new and unique experiences and views including watching a black bear climb a ridge line in front of me.
Alpine Ridge_1189-zenBlack Bear_1094-zenBlack Bear_1108-zenGrewingk Glacier Cravasses from above_1171-zenGrewingk Glacier Snout_1166-zenGrewingk Glacier_Lake_1174-zenGrewingk_Panorama2-zenLupin_1191-zenPtarmigan_0996-zenPtarmigan_Alpine Ridge_0989-zenThe Needle_1173-zen