In early fall 2009, I set out to explore and photograph the remote and seldom seen Great Kobuk Sand Dunes in Northwest Alaska (supported in part from an Individual Artist Award from the Rasmuson Foundation.) This "sea of sand" most people have never heard about it. And no wonder. Remoteness combined with logistics make the 1.7 million acres of the Kobuk Valley National Park and the Great Kobuk Sand Dunes, located thirty five miles above the Arctic Circle and south of the Kobuk River difficult to reach. More than 24,000 years old, it is the largest active dune field in arctic North America and the least visited National Park in the Country.

To reach the Dunes I traveled 50 miles in a small skiff down the slow moving Kobuk River from the remote village of Ambler to the drop-off point at Kavet Creek. One highlight of this adventure was to witness caribou from the Western Arctic Herd swim across the river and later cross the sand dunes during their southern winter migration.

View multimedia video of this adventure at:
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